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  Elephant Trekking

Khaosok Nature Resort offers elephant trekking 1 hour jungle expedition on the back of an Asian elephant. Please make arrangements with one of our staff. Best time to start is early morning.



Spend an hour or two (depending on the water level) floating the KlongSokRiver. Start from our door step and we’ll pick you up downstream for the ride home. Bring sunscreen, shoes that can get wet and a waterproof bag for your camera



 Big flower (Rafflesia  kerii)


Thailand’s largest flower (bua poot  in Thai) takes three to four years from seed to flower, then blooms for only 4-5 days. Timing is everything! Our staff will know if any flowers are currently in bloom. It is usually a hot jungle walk often up a steep hill to see the flower so wear good shoes and bring your camera and water.




The Klong Sok River is right at our doorstep; guided river trips are available from several starting points (depending on water levels) and can range from 2-4 hours. Bring a camera (take waterproofing precautions) and sunscreen or umbrella.



Jungle Trekking


This 18 km trek to Tan Sawan waterfall is for the fit jungle trekker. It involves a steep ascent at km 111, a gradual descent down a long slope to the waterfall (claimed to be the most beautiful), a one hour swim/lunch break, then a wade (with some climbing) down the creek to rejoin the Park Trail system. Figure 8 hours total trek; lunch provided. Inquire for more details.


 One Day Lake Tour

Cave Exploration.


Khao Sok’s limestone-karst topography is riddled with caves; some have served as refuges for communist guerillas, others are an easy walk from Nature Resort, while some are home to numerous bats, crickets, cave spiders and snakes. Bring an excellent torch and a back up – it’s dark in there! There are several caves that can be combined with the Lake Tour and two caves right next door in Pantoorat Mountain. Ask our staff  for more information if spelunking is your thing.



     Ha Roy Rai (500 Rai)


Located adjacent to Cheow Lan Lake, this secluded raft house is the ideal quiet retreat. A one hour boat trip through the spectacular limestone karts ends at a trail head. You walk one kilometer on an easy trail, then hail a bamboo raft taxi for the 10 minute ride to the raft houses. Kayaks are available (free - but shared among all the guests) for lake shore paddling or paddle across the lake for a visit to Pakarang Cave. .


Over Night Lake Tour 

         Day 1- Start 8:30 or 9:00 AM after breakfast at Nature Resort, drive to Cheow Lan Lake, take long-tail boat for wildlife viewing along the way and check into Sai Chon Rafthouse. After lunch head for the trail head for a 1 km. walk to 500 Rai Lake, take a bamboo raft to Pakarang Cave (easy access for children), spend 30 minutes cave exploring (a small cave but great formations), return to main lake accommodations for relaxation and evening meal. Spend the night.

         Day 2- Early morning rise (breakfast at 07:30 AM), board the boat for early morning wildlife viewing, then choose either the Namtaloo Cave tour or the Viewpoint trek to finish off the day. If time permits you can enjoy another swim off the boat or at Ton Teuy Rafthouse.


North Lake Tour

The jungle covered shore line of Cheow Lan Lake offers the best opportunity to spot wildlife either en route by longtail boat, on a night safari, or with a self propelled paddle in a canoe. One or two nights may be spent at Klong Sang Raft House; longer trips may be arranged with jungle treks as part of the itinerary.

Speciality Jungle Experience

Bamboo Cooking

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