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Accommodation note

All of our rooms (except Dan & Gitte) are equipped with our unique "jungle waterfall showers"

 – not just a chrome-plated shower head but a refreshing cascade of cool water spilling over the rocks.

Enjoy an open air waterfall jungle shower while relaxing from a day in the jungle at Nature Resort;

then have good nights sleep (all rooms are equipped with mosquito netting over the beds).





    The Backpacker

This tree house was our first tree house we built in 1999. It has two large beds and a private bath with waterfall shower.

The rate for this tree house is 1500 baht/night; perfect for the romantic couple.




 Tarzan & Jane Tree House

Similar to the Backpacker this is a newer tree house.

Perfect for the couple on holiday, it has a large bed (2 persons) and waterfall shower/ bathroom.

The rate is 1200baht/night




Dan & Gitte’s House

Designed and built in cooperation with our Danish architect friends, this Thai style bungalow is elevated above the ground but not a tree house. A large double bed and private bath (standard shower) plus a balcony for relaxing make this bungalow a nice long term stay option for singles or couples. Rate is 700 baht/night.



 Friendly Tree House



These two adjoining units each have a private bath (with waterfall shower), a single large bed each and a shared balcony.

This combo is perfect for families traveling together.

Each unit is 1200 baht/night




Jungle Family Tree House 

One of our newest tree houses, the Jungle Family is right for the family with children; two large beds and a bathroom complete with waterfall shower. Room rate for the Jungle Family is 1500 baht/night.




Cool Breeze Tree House

 Enjoy the view from the balcony of one of our newest Tree Houses (Summer 2007). Waterfall shower and indoor toilets are standard. The rate for this room is 1200 baht/night.


Bird’s Nest Tree House


Our newest Tree House (November 2007) features a unique cavernous bath (literally!), one large bed, small balcony; with jungle waterfall shower the room rate is 1,500 Baht/Night.














 Swiss Family Robinson

This tree house is just right for the family or friends on holiday. Each unit has two beds (a single and a double), individual balcony, and private bath complete with waterfall shower! Each unit rents for 1,200 baht/night.



 Paradise Tree House

One of our newly constructed tree houses, this jungle perch will put you at one with nature. This room is complete with a single large bed (2 persons) and attached bath; jungle shower is standard. The daily rate for this tree house is 1,200 baht/night.



Mountain View Tree House

By stunning panoramic from small balcony we make name for this tree house is mountain view tree house also jungle style shower make this tree house different than another. with 1,200 Baht/Night (the room for 2 people). 


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